People. They surround us. They influence us. They love us. Sometimes, they even break us. But people, are unavoidable. It doesn’t matter how much you claim to be an introvert.  You can never live without people. We need people. People need us.

I am sitting in a cafe and there aren’t much people here. However, there is a couple behind me. An hour ago, the girl was bawling her eyes out and the boy looked like a lost child in a carnival. Perfectly out of place. Now, the girl is laughing and this boy looks like he’s found his purpose. I wonder what she was crying about, and I wonder what he said to make her feel better. The reasons why they are now showing off their pearly whites isn’t really important. What is important is my interview article that should soon be posted on my portfolio blog (coming soon). I am still on the first page– first paragraph to be precise. Yes, I am procrastinating.

People still do interest me. Ever since I was a child, everyone I looked at had a story to be told. When someone walked away from me, I would narrate their departure in my head like the end of the movie Stand By Me(1986). Everyone has a unique story which intrigues me. Mostly because I am nosy, but I also believe experiences shape us to be the amazing people we long to be. My mother has the most interesting life story, it makes her who she is: Beautiful. People are beautiful.

However, people can also be ugly. Sometimes it isn’t the person themselves, but the relationship between two people. The relationships between people can be ugly. Toxic. Not all relationships are beautiful, but you can learn from them. People are teachers. Some are more aware of this than others. Some people teach other’s how to love, some teach others how to not love. Love. It really is a complicated thing. The madness of the gods. 

I did learn a very important lesson about people today. People can let you down, IF you let them. Sometimes you depend on someone then they don’t show up or plans change, and you start to question their character. People aren’t perfect. I can admit, I am a perfectionist about things I am passionate about. I have learned that my passions differ from others, and I should not be offended by that. Sometimes you may want something more than others, and their lack of enthusiasm or seriousness can be irritating. But, you cannot let others affect how you feel. The mere fact that you are passionate about something shows that YOU are on the right path! No one can take that passion from you, it belongs solely to you. So do not let others move you astray. Stay positive, and continue to keep your head up. Everything always works out, whether planned or unplanned.

I will keep this post short by ending off with a piece of advice. When things do not go as planned, remember that you do not need anyone else to shine. You are the sun, not the moon. Create your own light.


Now, show me that lovely smile.



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Posted by:A'Isha Adams

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5 replies on “People.

  1. What is your opinion on people being good? Do you think everyone is born “innocent” or do you think everyone is born more as a blank slate? Are people actually good or bad? Or are their environments which shape their attitudes good and bad?

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    1. That’s a very good question! In my opinion, I believe people are born in a more blank slate. Ofcourse experiences and the way a person is raised can influence their perception of what is good and bad, but I do think people start good. After that, they decide which paths they want to take. What do you think?

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      1. I believe life is a beautiful thing, filled with equal amounts of good and bad. Because birth is such a positive event, I believe that people start positive. I think life affects everyone differently, so it seems as if some of us are good and some are bad. But I don’t think there is good without bad. I believe in the optimism of the world, that people want to see better in the world while also recognizing the bad that exists.

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      2. Wow I really like that view! Staying in the positive side of people is definitely the best way to look at it to me. There really is no good without bad, it creates a form of balance.

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