Glimpse of us

flicker  like  stars

reflected on wet pavements,

on nights of  thunder  and  rain

that matches the tremble in my heart

when I get a glimpse of your brown eyes.

Just for a brief moment, this face holds a smile

and creates  rivers  from  the  sockets of  my  eyes.

Your presence can be felt from the back of my neck,

as it makes  it’s  way  down  my  spine and  wraps  itself

around the  width  of  my hips to hold me – embrace me.

Just for a moment, so I can feel how it feels to be loved

by you. But thunderstorms are short, just like images

of us that flicker with the speed of light as a mere

reminder that time is limited and easily gone.

But I will appreciate these glimpse, as

they teach me to seek love again.

Not from another man, but

instead love from me.

As these moments

are nothing

but a




I have found love within myself, and it is the most precious thing.



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