Hairs elevated

on an open chest.

Life reevaluated

upon this quest.


Words of faith

left her lips

As tears fell

where sins bathed


Blessings wrapped

around closed fingers.

Upon her chest

Her hands lingered


She felt better,

After just one prayer.


I remember when I was young, my family and I would gather together and pray. My eyes would be closed at the time and I was always amazed at how behind closed eyelids, the room became lighter. I mean that literally. Sometimes the room would become so bright I would have to open my eyes to see if anyone held a flashlight in my face. Recently, I have felt spiritually attacked. I am a christian and I believe in God, so when I feel this way I pray to God for guidance and protection. I always feel better after praying. He makes my life lighter again.

Painting: “Rose Detail”– Nicole Pletts