“Paradise is not a place; its a state of consciousness.” – Sri Chinmoy

What inspires me to write is my urge to explore. From exploring my thoughts that seem to never sleep, to the world and the vast mysteries it holds just waiting to be discovered. Truly my mind is an ever changing cycle of analysis, thoughts, and of course words. Tons of words. Every single word I hear draws me into a trance of art and poetry. It is the most peculiar thing actually, I could literally hear the word “dumpster” and my mind will allow it to constantly echo in my temples as if it has a purpose. But of course it does. Every single word has a purpose, and that is the purpose of words.

Now here I am, rambling. Basically, one can see that the poetic mind does not see things as it is but for what it stands for. A great example is a tree I was examining one afternoon. The tree was covered in moss and I couldn’t help but stare at it. It seemed so ancient yet so alive. The moss surrounding it made the texture seem soft but rough at the same time, it made no sense. At one point I realized that I wasn’t viewing the tree as a tree, instead it became a symbol of strength. The tree seemed to wear the moss around it as a trophy for achieving a long life. Not only that, but I started to envision myself walking through a forest filled with moss covered trees, everything was green and dense, then I felt something while examining the tree. It was peace.

They say what makes a poem is what the reader makes out of it, and that is true. When I write poetry I want to know what the readers get from it, how it touches them, and how it relates to them. I find myself constantly re-reading my pieces and I feel something different every time I listen to it. Key word, “listen”. The poetic mind cannot merely read poetry inside our heads, we have to read it out loud. That is the only way to actually grasps the words that are used to create such master pieces. When I read poems out loud, I feel connected to the poet. Not only that, but words always seem more beautiful when pronounced in a poem, which creates inspiration and even better, emotion.

The poetic mind can easily attach itself to poems, and I mean that emotionally of course. Sometimes I find myself so affected by a poem that I have to literally take a walk or distract myself from my thoughts. But then I write, and I am liberated from those emotions. That is the beauty of having a poetic mind; To sit down and allow yourself to feel in order to be released. It is magical for one to turn thier emotions into forms art, and when looking back at their creations, are able to feel those emotions again for a few moments. One can sometimes see how much they have healed or changed over time and it is a very spiritual experience.

Surely the poetic mind does not only refer to poets. The poetic mind refers to anyone that is artistically talented whether it is art, music, writing, and many more!

I am not sure what inspired me to write this. But as mentioned before, what inspires me to write is my urge to explore. Maybe I wanted to explore my mind.

What inspires you to write?


Posted by:A'Isha Adams

Mind of a frantic poet. Ambition of an entrepreneur. The heart of an old soul.

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