“Have enough courage to trust love one more time and always, one more time.”

– Maya Angelou

1. Love Rejuvenates 

To love, is to allow oneself to be vulnerable. To allow yourself to confine and surrender to someone with the underlying fear that it could all be thrown back in your face. But you take a chance anyways. When you find love however, it is the most rejuvenating feeling. Love can feel like a rebirth of many different things that range from confidence, to hope, to inspiration. I remember feeling alive, as if I was revived from a universe between life and death. When love came I wasn’t living, but I wasn’t dead either. It was the most particular mixture of the two. He made me feel re-energized, yet calm all at the same time.

Love can be a spiritual journey that takes your soul into a nostalgic era of happiness, and it makes you feel younger. Almost as if your soul has been awakened into a new life, a new body, and a new mind. You will find yourself wanting to experience new things and wanting to share those moments with the one that provokes those feelings. When love comes, you’ll want to change how you live. Not because you are unsatisfied, but because you will feel fulfilled.

2. Love Breaks

When love comes, you will forget life without it. That act of forgetting will leave you confused, scorned, and broken. Love breaks. Love breaks. Love breaks. It will most likely not break you once, but multiple times. When love breaks you, it will feel like death. Like the presence of someone that was once always there, being taken away from you. All desires to love again will be stripped away into a black abyss of nothingness; and you will hurt. Love can be magical, but when it decides it has ran out, it will be the most painful thing to endure. When love has no more love to give, you will find yourself looking for it, almost begging that it comes back. The truth is, it does not always come back.

Love can ruin things that were good to you. It can change memories of items that used to be reminders of sweet supple moments into memories of what used to be and was. When love breaks you, it will have a specific taste. A distinct taste of the ocean and the dark saltiness it holds. You will feel the ocean build up in your eyes and make its way down your cheeks. It will remind you that love is as unpredictable as the waves of an ocean. One moment it is calm, the next moment unbearable.

3. Love Heals

Yes, love heals. After days of heart ache love will take you in its arms and comfort you. It will stroke your hair and hum gentle symphonies in your ears in hopes that you find happiness again. And if not, love will create happiness for you. It will bombard you with realizations that even in ones darkest moment, there is still love. That love in the darkness will act as a bandage and you will find yourself confiding in it, grasping on to the bandage as it wraps itself around you. Slowly, yet surely covering up your wounds and whispering small reminders of a new beginning ahead. It will take time, but love is persistent and does not give up, it is always there.

When love heals, you will find yourself through mistakes and scars. You will breathe for the first time and you will be healed. Love will greet you with open arms and smile knowing it has made you stronger.

What did love teach you?





Painting by: Emily Carr (aka one my new favourite artists)



Posted by:A'Isha Adams

Mind of a frantic poet. Ambition of an entrepreneur. The heart of an old soul.

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