“Stars can’t shine without darkness”– Anonymous

I have never questioned my dreams, until now. For as long as I can remember, I always wanted to be a lawyer. However, as I allow my thoughts to roam into a part of my mind that has been untouched, I realized that for as long as I can remember my family has always wanted me to become a lawyer. Could it be that I’ve allowed the aspirations of those dear to me influence my perspective on life? I believe so.

I have never felt as alive as I do now. After months of reading books of empowerment and success, I learned something that has been implemented into my mind. I learned that one must have a dream, and in order to have a dream you must know what you are truly passionate about. I was never passionate about law, I was more passionate about the rewards of law as a career. But then while watching a motivational video, an unidentified man asked me a question, with a deep voice that seemed angry yet certain that I wouldn’t know the answer. He asked, “What do you want?”. To my surprise, I was speechless. I had to pause the video and actually think about what I wanted in life. I stared at my laptop screen until it turned black, then I stared at that. Waiting, just hoping, that my mind would stop listening to my heart and go back to believing my ascribed dream. My mind however could not ignore the truth anymore, and I cried.

The tears were warm, and they almost felt comforting, like long lost friends returning in my time of need. Then I went into deep thought and I had a vision. I was thinking of all the people in this exact moment, right now, taking their last breaths. People that are having their last moments on this planet, their last look at their loved ones. Studying the detail of their faces, and their loved ones studying them back. Trying to grasp one last image of their living body. Then I started to visualize myself taking my last breath. Oddly I found myself analyzing my life, the children I had created, and the family I had built. Then it dawned on me, the question that has been lingering in my mind, and the main inspiration of this post:

“If I die today, could I say that I truly lived?”

To think of an answer to this question terrifies me. My biggest fear is to die having regrets and wishing to have lived more. Wishing I accomplished and actually achieved my dreams. I no longer want to limit myself from achieving great things in life. All amazing people took a chance. I want to take a chance and I’m taking it now. I changed my program in school, and I finally feel like I’m accomplishing something. I will become a writer and travel the world. I will inspire those in need of inspiration. I will tell people the tales of our world that has yet to be discovered. My final moments of life will be a testimony.


Posted by:A'Isha Adams

Mind of a frantic poet. Ambition of an entrepreneur. The heart of an old soul.

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