It’s that time of year again. The time were everyone gets a boost of motivation for a week and later goes back to their normal routine. This year, I don’t have one. Why you may ask? The answer is pretty simple let me promise you. I realized that I’ve been making the same resolutions for the past 7 years!! They usually range around stuff with school, success, and just being a “better person”. But what is a better person? It’s funny how we strive so much to change ourselves to become people our mind is believes is better while truth is, you will only become a better person once you find yourself. Because once you find yourself, you’ll be the person you’ve always been looking for. I do agree it’s good to get rid of bad habits and stuff, by all means do that!! But there is a different between bad habits and just changing things you don’t like about yourself because once you start changing things that make you who you are, you’ll find yourself lost trying to be someone you think is better. Believe me, that point sucks. I actually didn’t want to make this post long….. So I’ll just end it at that. HAPPY NEW YEAR ❤️

Posted by:A'Isha Adams

The mind of a frantic poet. The ambition of an entrepreneur. And lastly, the heart of an old soul.

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